AVAL means "Apple" in Breton,
the traditional language of Brittany.

This region has been producing cider for more than 1,000 years and is touted by industry insiders as the best in the world!

With zero added sugar or sweeteners, AVAL is the result of natural fermentation of 100% fresh-pressed juice of multiple varietals of apples. Grown and harvested by co-op producer-members, and pressed at our facility in the heart of Bretagne.

AVAL is the intersection of innovation and tradition.


AVAL is exclusively produced by a cooperative that brings together over 335 producers with a commitment to equity, biodiversity and tradition.

The democratically elected board of directors, consisting solely of co-op members, defines the purchase price of the apples, the remuneration of the producer-members and all strategic direction of the co-op.

All profit is redistributed or reinvested which ensures the future of all members, sustainably and responsibly.

There are real people behind every pour.